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Everyone has a place to sing at LYC!


This choir is for singers with special needs 10 years and older.  The choir meets once per week for 45 minutes (Thursdays 5:00 - 5:45 pm) and participates in performances as deemed appropriate for the current members of the choir.

In a fun and supportive environment, Jubilare focuses on learning proper singing techniques, music theory, sight-reading, part-singing, and the social skills involved in being a member of an ensemble. Though the choir has, at its core, the same goals as other choirs in the Lumina Youth Choirs organization, Jubilare engages in additional activities during rehearsal that aid in reaching those goals. For example, music that is taught in other choirs might be taught in a different way using additional visual and tactile experiences that are catered specifically to the current members of Jubilare.

The director of the choir, Mrs. Williams, has been teaching music and directing choirs for nearly twenty years here in Hillsborough County.  She has a special place in her heart for students with special needs, as her son also has autism and loves to sing.  She is committed to helping every singer grow.

If another LYC choir would not be the best fit for your child due to a particular disability, please register them for Jubilare.  Mrs. Williams will then contact you to discuss your child’s needs and ensure they are placed in the most appropriate choir.

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