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Use the button above to contact us and we will set up an individual audition for you.


Note: You must be accepted and registered for Advanced Stele or Serata to audition for Voci - Chamber Choir.

For Prima (Grades K-1), there is no interview or audition required. 

For Aurora (Grades 2-5), there is no formal audition, but parents of new singers are encouraged to contact Kyla Bailey, Director, for more information about becoming a member of Aurora prior to registration.


New singers interested in Amiaza (Grades 6-12), Serata, (Grades 9-12), and Stele (Grades 9-12) are placed into the appropriate choir based on vocal skills and experience, which is determined by a vocal audition and a simple oral music theory evaluation.  For the majority of children, their age group and school grade will determine the most appropriate choir. However, a singer’s level of previous experience or musical knowledge may suggest placement for a different choir. In these situations, students will be placed in the appropriate choir based on their interview or audition.

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